Trace your family tree with The Generation Frame’s genealogist at Giffnock Library

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Leading genealogist Lorna Kinnaird, who features in the brand new BBC show The Generation Frame, is hosting a one-day course to help Glaswegians research their roots.

Lorna will lead participants through ‘Family History for Beginners’ on Monday 3 June at Giffnock Library, demonstrating the skills and knowledge required to start your own research, how to interpret information that’s available as well as discussing any research participants have already carried out.

Lorna features in two episodes, as she helps Audrey, the contributor to the programme, research her family from Glasgow.

Lorna said: “The research for Audrey culminated in a chart of over 200 individuals and brought some amazing family stories to life for her.

“I think everyone should research their family tree – it’s fascinating what you can discover.”

Lorna’s unusual surname of Muat led her to start researching her own family background when she was 17 years old.

She said: “I knew Haddington featured in my family background, but didn’t know how. I got my line back to 1624 on the Muat line and on my maternal line “I’m back to 1525 in Edinburgh using all primary source documentation from the National Records of Scotland in Edinburgh.”

Lorna lives in Edinburgh and has a Post-Graduate Diploma from the Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives and helps other people to trace their family tree.

You can join Lorna and bring your own family story to life with the one day course, Family History for Beginners, on Monday 3 June at Giffnock Library.

There is 20% off the ticket price just now, priced at £52 standard and £38 for concessions.

Visit: Eastwood Park Theatre to book tickets.