New play brings Paddy’s Market back to life

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One of Scotland’s most exciting theatre companies has announced dates for a new play about Glasgow’s incredibly controversial Paddy’s Market.

Set for four shows across three days, Tram Direct will explore the contentious story of the market and the lives of the hawkers (traders) who worked there.

Started by Irish immigrants more than 200 years, Paddy’s pre-empted the Barras Market by over a century and was the bread and butter for many of the city’s residents. The market served as a lifeline for thousands, scarred by poverty. It was a vibrant place, eclectic, strange and beautiful – real Glasgow.

It fashioned its place permanently in the hearts and minds of Glasgow’s burgeoning pop culture and music scene in the late 70s and 80s, having dressed many pop stars and BBC dramas.

Before it’s closure Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand said: “It does have a personality about it which is embraced in other cities….a part of Glasgow’s soul would be erased if Paddy’s market were to go.”

Unfortunately Glasgow City Council closed the market controversially in 2009 to much abhorrence. It brought to an abrupt end this iconic Flea Market that had existed for over 200 years.

Given the new attitude to “artisan and market” its sadly ironic Paddy’s was shut down, it has, for nearly a decade, been touted as the site for Glasgow’s new Covent Garden.

This show shall bring characters back to life, displaying how you literally could find anything up this lane. You’ll hear from Shady Sadie, Makeup Lady, Tina The Tarot, Pet Foods Patsy, Bashed Tins Betty and Fellow Favan to name a few.

Writer Paul Moore said: “My play is poignant and political and focuses on the idea of these traders aka hawkers as the “family’ and how Mother Glasgow betrayed them in a dirty deal. They were promised loads, given nothing and abandoned by City chambers.”

Paddy’s Market is written &and devised by Paul Moore, directed by Isobel Barrett and a new original score comes from Michael McEneny.

· Catch the Paddy’s Market play at The Shed, 26 Langside Avenue on the following dates:

Friday, October 19 – 7.30pm

Saturday, October 20 – 2.30pm

Saturday, October 20 – 7.30pm

Sunday, October 21 – 2.30pm

Tickets are available now from Tram Direct