Making a lot of noise for Erskine

Swagger playing at Rockers
Swagger playing at Rockers

By DAY, the five members of Swagger all have respectable jobs.

But, by night, they take off their ties and are trying to make it as rock‘n’roll superstars.

On Saturday, the quintet are doing their bit for charity when they play at Sammy Dow’s on Nithsdale Road with all proceeds going towards the care of armed forces veterans.

The gig is to mark the end of Erskine week.

The band decided to make this philanthropic gesture as many of them had fathers who served.

Phil Allenby works as a lawyer but he’s also the bassist for the band, which he says is full of “self-professed ageing hippies”.

He told The Extra: “We have been together for four years and Erskine is a charity close to our hearts, so we have always wanted to get together and do our bit to help.

“We were all in different bands but they disintegrated so we decided to join up and it’s been a lot of fun.

“We play loads of rock covers so it’s a great escape from the daily grind to go out on stage and rock out.

“We made a conscious decision to keep away from the rock standards but still play what people know and want.

“We are going to keep going until we are too old to do it anymore”.

Most of the band are in their early fifties and have been around the Glasgow rock scene for many years, playing with bands including Thunderstruck and Colonel Kurtz.

Swagger play everything from Guns N’ Roses to Ozzy Osbourne to Slade and even have their own unique take on Abba.

There will be a raffle and auction on the night in aid of the charity, as well as Erskine volunteers collecting.

Bassist Phil will be joined on stage by drummer Willie Phimister, singer Colin Roger as well as guitarists Ted Mullen and Graham Leitch.

Swagger will be on stage at Sammy Dow’s from 8.30pm on Saturday. Tickets are free.