Festival brings film back to Glasgow’s Southside

Film maker Callum Rice is hosting a Q&A at The Glad Cafe.
Film maker Callum Rice is hosting a Q&A at The Glad Cafe.

The Southside Film festival returns this weekend with a packed programme of movies across all genres.

In 2001 the last cinema in the Southside of Glasgow closed its doors. A decade later, in 2011, Southside Film was launched to bring film back to the Southside. The event now screens films and hosts film events year round across numerous venues. Wherever it can put up a screen, it will!

Karen O’Hare, the Festival’s director, said: “There used to be several local cinemas in the Southside, but not anymore.

“The festival was started in reponse to that gap. It’s important for people’s health and wellbeing, and getting out socially.

“And it has really just grown from there, really. There’s a strong community spirit in the Southside, and it’s great to have people come together and watch some films.”

She continued: “We get together and decided the programme and this year we have a great variety of films to suit all tastes and ages as well as having unique venues.”

From music films at the Glad Cafe to a Yurt-screening of a classic, film buffs young and old won’t be disappointed with this year’s programme...


Matanga / Maya / Mia & Carys Williams & Nova Scotia the Truth

The Glad Cafe, 8pm - 11pm

Drawn from a cache of personal video recordings from the past 22 years, director Steve Loveridge’s Sundance award-winning MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A. is a startlingly personal profile of the critically acclaimed artist, chronicling her remarkable journey from refugee immigrant to pop star.

The event will be preceded by a spoken-word performance by Carys Williams and a live performance by DJ, rapper and producer Nova Scotia the Truth


Muppets Most Wanted – Autism Friendly Screening

Loks Bar & Kitchen, 12 - 2pm

There’s plenty of fun for the whole family as Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Animal and the entire Muppets gang head out on a world tour. This is an autism friendly screening which means the lights will remain on dimly throughout the film, the volume will be lower than usual and the audience is free to move about, eat and make noise. This film was chosen especially to screen at the festival by the young people of Giffnock based Sup-ER-kids.

Ponyo – Cinemor77 Yurt Screening

New Victoria Gardens, Midday - 3pm

Tickets are £4 cash on the door only.

A beautiful animated film from Japan’s Studio Ghibli, we will be screening the dubbed version for those wee uns who can’t read subtitles.

Please note: screenings in the yurt have cushions not chairs but the yurt is fully wheelchair accessible – just get in touch in advance for access info - email southsidefilmfest@gmail.com

Babe – Cinemor77 Yurt Screening

New Victoria Gardens, 2.30 - 4.30pm

This event is £5 on the door only.

Gentle farmer Arthur Hoggett wins a piglet named Babe at a county fair. Narrowly escaping his fate as Christmas dinner when Farmer Hoggett decides to show him at the next fair, Babe bonds with motherly border collie Fly and discovers that he too can herd sheep. But will the other farm animals, including Fly’s jealous husband Rex, accept a pig who doesn’t conform to the farm’s social hierarchy?

Black Cat, White Cat – with food & live music

Bike for Good Glasgow South, 3 - 7pm

This is a FREE & unticketed event on a first come, first served basis.

Black Cat, White Cat is a riotous mix of farce, romance and crime. Set within a community of Roma people, it tells a story of young love, family ties and magical occurrences.

The BBFC have rated this film is Cert 15 for drug use and coarse language but the venue will have a special area for children separate from the screening with child friendly activities allowing people to bring their children along.

Time Bandits – Cinemor77 Yurt Screening

New Victoria Gardens, 6 - 8.30pm

They didn’t make history, they stole it! The film that established Terry Gilliam as more than just Monty Python’s resident animator, this delightfully inventive children’s fantasy, co-written by fellow Python Michael Palin, is about young Kevin who finds himself travelling through holes in the space-time continuum in the company of half a dozen fractious dwarfs.

Ovarian Psycos

Bike For Good Glasgow South, 8.30 - 11pm

Riding at night through Eastside Los Angeles the Ovarian Psychos Bicycle Brigade use their bicycles to confront the violence in their lives. They are an unapologetic, misfit collective of women of colour who are determined to stand up to violence and injustice and who can campaign for safer streets for women in their community. This defiant documentary inspires women to reclaim the streets on two wheels!


Song of the Sea – Cinemor77 Yurt Screening

New Victoria Gardens, 12 - 2pm

This event is £4 on the door only.

This enchanting Irish animation tells the story of Ben and his little sister Saoirse – the last Seal-child – who embark on a fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic in an attempt to return to their home by the sea. The film takes inspiration from the mythological Selkies of Irish folklore, who live as seals in the sea but become humans on land.

The NeverEnding Story – CineMor77 Yurt Screening

New Victoria Gardens, 2.30- 4.30pm

This event is £4 on the door only.

When young Bastian borrows a mysterious, ornately-bound book, he never dreamed turning a page would draw him into a shimmering fantasy world of racing snails, hang-glider bats, soaring luck dragons, puckish elves, a Childlike Empress, the brave warrior Atreyu and a slab-faced walking quarry called a Rock Biter. Revisit this 80s children classic in the magical surroundings of the cinema yurt.

Callum Rice Screening & Q&A

The Glad Cafe, 5.15 - 7pm

This is a FREE event, N/C - Over 18.

Glasgow based filmmaker Callum Rice has directed and produced a number of short films that intimately explore and depict social and personal histories and sites from across Glasgow. He is currently artist in residence at House for an Art Lover and in this specially curated screening for Southside Film Festival Callum joins us to screen some of his short documentaries and talk about his work.

Labyrinth – Cinemor77 Yurt Screening,

New Victoria Gardens, 6 - 8pm

Please note this event is cash on the door only. £8 Adults, £6 Children.

Sarah (a teenage Jennifer Connelly) rehearses the role of a fairy-tale queen, performing for her stuffed animals. She is about to discover that the time has come to leave her childhood behind. The king is the only other human in the film and is played by a glam-rocking David Bowie, who performs five of his songs. The rest of the cast are puppets, a wonderful array of Jim Henson’s imaginative masterpieces and what better space to watch them than in the cinema yurt.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post & My Loneliness is Killing Me

Category Is Books, 6.30 - 9.30pm

Cameron Post (Chloe Grace Moretz) looks the part of a perfect US high school girl. But after she is caught with another girl in the back of a car on prom night, Cameron is quickly shipped off to a conversion therapy centre that treats teens struggling with same-sex attraction. Preceded by short film My Loneliness is Killing Me, written by Michael Richardson and directed by Southside filmmaker Tim Courtney. When Elliott lures the animalistic Jack to his apartment for a late night hook up, he unexpectedly unearths a dark emotional connection.

Southside Filmmakers Award Screening 2019

The Glad Cafe, 7.30 - 10pm

Don’t miss our annual selection of short films made on the Southside or by Southside based filmmakers -a mix of comedy, animation, drama and documentary. Come along to support local film talent and vote for your favourite film: the winner will receive the much coveted Southside Filmmaker Award.

For more information, visit Southside Film