Bloxx showcase new EP ‘Headspace’ at Glasgow gig

Bloxx are playing The Garage in Glasgow.
Bloxx are playing The Garage in Glasgow.

Four-piece indie band Bloxx have just released their debut EP ‘Headspace’ and are embarking on a 22-date UK tour, including a gig at The Garage in Glasgow on Saturday, April 13.

The EP features songs previously championed on Radio 1, including ‘Lay Down’ and ‘Monday’, as well as the most recent release ‘Sea Blue’. Feedback from critics and fans has been extremely encouraging, as it becomes even more strikingly obvious how talented this young band are.

Merging driven guitars with melodic pop and gripping riffs, Bloxx create toe-tappingly catchy songs with an added indie kick.

The four-piece hail from Uxbridge, West London, are Ophelia on guitar/vocals, Taz on lead guitar/backing vocals, Paul on bass and Mozwin on drums.

Having a strong voice is key for an up-and-coming band, and Ophelia rips through the tracks with ease, as if she’s been singing indie-rock for years.

Hear the band live at The Garage, Glasgow, on Saturday, April 13. For tickets and more information, go to Bloxx