An exciting tale of romance, midges – and chocolate biscuits!

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Enter a world of vikings, battles and royality as author David McLachlan launches his first novel tomorrow.

Legbiter is a book steeped in history, and tells the story of two children who arrive on the West Coast of Scotland for a holiday.

Climbing the hills of Kilmartin, they discover a mysterious stone that opens up to a world hidden for 900 years.

They meet two children, heroes to the people of Argyll and uncover the fate of a King’s sword.

David said: “The story is based on history and set in the West of Scotland.

“It tells the story of two children in modern times who discover a portal back in time to the Vikings. It’s like two stories in one, really.”

And his inspiration came from a story he heard as a small boy.

David explains: “The story goes that Magnus Barefoot the King of Norway was at war with Scotland.

“The King of Scotland said that they would have the mainland and the Vikings could have the islands.

“Mangnus asked what an island was at the Scottish king replied ‘anything that you can sail a boat around.

“So, Magnus dragged his boat across the Kintyre and he then owned the island.

“He alsohas a sword called Legbiter which I think is a fantastic name.”

David continued: “Now, when I was a wee boy, I thought the story was made up. I thought that someone should make a film about the story or write a book. So in a way, I guess I did.

“The book is not meant to be a school book, but there’s geography, history, archaeology, standing stones and crannocks all included.

“It’s aimed at children 10 years and older, but I hope that it appeals to adults too.

The book will get its offical launch tomorrow (Friday) at Langside Parish Church from 7-9pm.

On the night, there will be chance to pick up a copy of the book and have it signed by David, there will also be a variety of children’s activties and wine and nibbles for adults. The event is free to attend.