Whitecraigs and Shaw part company

WHITECRAIGS have parted ways with John Shaw – despite the former Scotland A cap guiding the southsiders to promotion last season.

Following a difficult start to life in Premier two, vice president and former boss Jim Henderson will now regain control of coaching duties.

Henderson – who guided the club through the national leagues – says the decision by the committee came as a result of the need for “everybody to be working together towards one goal”.

Mr Henderson put himself out of the running for the permanent post and confirmed the club will begin their search for a new boss in January.

However, the man in charge for now admitted that “good coaches are in short supply”.

He told The Extra: “The team is good and I believe in the boys. We have to work out why they were struggling and fix it. “John did a good job but he was not solely responsible for last season’s success. The club has been building towards this level of rugby for a number of years.

“The boys were under performing and we have to get that winning mentality back”.

However, former coach John Shaw says he is “disillusioned and dismayed” by the decision.

The former West of Scotland and Currie flanker was informed of the decision by telephone last week and he insists the move signals a “lack of ambition from the club”.

He said: “Premier two is a big learning curve but without continuity the team will struggle.

“After all the effort I have put in and the improvements I have made, the decision is incredibly disrespectful.

“There are a great bunch of guys at the club, however, some both on the pitch and off it, were unwilling to put in the commitment required to be successful at Premier two level.

“There was no consultation with the players and I have been given no reason for the decision.

“As far as I am concerned, it’s Whitecraigs’ loss. I promised to commit myself 100 per cent to the club and I can proudly say I honoured that”.

Whitecraigs found themselves third from bottom of Premier 2 and will now fight for survival post league split in Premier C.

They will resume their league campaign away to Selkirk on January 14.