Time to Coyle me maybe?

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LAST week brought yet more disappointment for the Tartan Army, with a double header meaning two more defeats.

This time, Belgium and Wales were the victors, piling more pressure on beleaguered boss Craig Levein, and with any slim hopes of a trip to Rio 2014 quickly fading.

As a result, local football fans have called for change — ranging from a new boss, such as former Bolton manager Owen Coyle, to wholesale changes from grassroots up.

Jim Walker, a 37-year-old cobbler from Darnley, thinks Scottish football is “in the skip”.

He said: “The problem is nobody worth their salt would take the job. The best available is probably Coyle – a sacked manager from the championship.

“We need to focus on the future, make a 10 year plan and get rid of deadwood such as Berra and Caldwell. The only reason the players are behind Levein is because they know they probably wouldn’t be playing under any other boss”.

Rankin Cattan (68) thinks Craig Levein has become the fall guy.

He said: “Jose Mourinho or sir Alex Ferguson couldn’t take this group of players to a major competition. The squad, to put it kindly, is below par.

“As a footballing nation, we are in crisis”.

Ricky Knox — a banker from Newton Mearns shopping with his 18-month-old son Matthew — believes “enough is enough” when it comes to Levein.

The 37-year-old said: “His negativity is extremely naïve but who else would take the job?

“The SFA needs to be gutted from top to bottom: it’s time for a fresh approach.

“Scotland used to produce real quality players. We need to aspire to do that again”.

Iain Loudon — a 71-year-old from Newton Mearns — added: “Scottish football has gone downhill: however, we do have some good players with potential.

“If we can build around some of the best young players we have and develop youth at the same time, then things could begin to slowly improve”.

Newton Mearns pair Bob and Edna Noble both agree that Scottish football has become a “nightmare of late”.

Edna (74) told The Extra: “There is just no enjoyment from watching it. I much prefer watching Arsenal. I have lost faith in the Scottish national team altogether”.

Bob added: “It starts from the league. The SPL has been a joke for years so it is hardly likely to feed top players into the national team”.