Taekwon-Do school conquers Europe

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Members of a southside Taekwon-Do school recently attended the European Championships which were held in Andria, Italy.

The event was hosted by the European International Taekwon-Do Federation.

Merrylee Club instructor John Reilly, a sixth dan black belt, accompanied two students from his class who had been selected to represent Scotland on the international stage.

Sandy Thomson, a second dan black belt, and first dan Malcolm White were selected via national squad training to represent their club and country at the championships.

This was Sandy’s second European Championship and his experience showed as he triumphed with one gold, one silver and two bronze medals.

Sandy came out on top of the second dan pattern division, winning gold and was crowned European Champion. He narrowly lost the sparring final, coming away with the silver medal. His bronze medals were won in the team events.

alcolm only entered the individual sparring event and despite a strong performance, he was defeated by an extremely talented fighter from the Czech Republic prior to the medal stages.A proud John Reilly said: “Both students performed brilliantly and did themselves, the school and me proud.