Sue’s got her shooting boots back on

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GLASGOW City have resigned a former star from their past.

Suzanne Lappin played for City for eight years before leaving to seek her fortune as a semi-professional in the English Super League with Liverpool and Chelsea.

The attacking midfielder scored some 170 goals in 199 starts for City, she has now returned much to the delight of head coach Eddie Wolecki Black.

Eddie said: “I am delighted to welcome Sue back to Glasgow City.

“There is no doubt that she has been a very influential player for this club.

“It is an unusual situation in that we are getting back a player in the peak years of her football career.

“I think the record books speak for themselves, with her goals to start ratio.

“She not only brings a goal threat to the team, but her vision and awareness of team mates is exceptional.

“She has matured as a player over the past two seasons and she has seen the different philosophies of other clubs.

“I believe this will help her settle very quickly at the club and it’s no secret she has continued to train with us throughout her time away.

“It is my opinion that a fit Suzanne Lappin is one of the best players this country has ever produced.

“I would like to wish her all the best upon her return.

“She has suffered a great loss in her time away and we will all share her joy if we can see a smile return to her face again”.

On her return to playing for City again, Sue said: “Being back at City just feels like coming back home.

“This club has always will mean everything to me.

“I started here as a 16-year-old girl and left when I was 23.

“It has been very hard to watch from the outside as the team has played in some high-prestige Champions League games and not be part of that.

“I would be lying if I said otherwise and anyone who knows me knows that was the case.

“I don’t regret leaving at all though as Liverpool and Chelsea have gave me great experience of playing in a different country and have tested not only my football ability but my character as a person but I am finally glad to be back home.

“I am desperate to get back into training four nights a week with my club team as two years away from that philosophy has been difficult to cope with.

“Training at City is so high tempo and intense, although I am sure it will take me a couple of weeks to get used to this again!

“I have remained in contact with Eddie throughout my two years away from the club and he knows where I am at right now and how keen I am to get back into the shape and form that I was in when I left the club and I have no doubt that he will help me achieve that.

“Most of the girls at the club are not only my team mates but friends and I hope that I can help continue the success that they have been building over the last few years.

“Although Leeanne Ross might not be my friend anymore since I am back to stop her stealing my record goal scorer accolade!!

“I just want to thank the players and staff for welcoming me back and I can’t wait to get going again.

“Once City, always City”.