A close run game sees Whitecraigs pipped to the post

Falkirk Rugby vs Cartha QP at Cala Park Falkirk.
Falkirk Rugby vs Cartha QP at Cala Park Falkirk.

COMING on the back of a fantastic win over Ardrossan, ‘Craigs were nevertheless weary of the trip to Falkirk.

And so it proved with Falkirk scoring three tries in the first half to give the Newton Mearns lads an uphill struggle.

But the league leaders ploughed on to try for the win and consolidate their place at the top.

Falkirk, however, had other plans. A surge into ‘Craigs’ last quarter, Falkirk’s McGuire wona try with Bonnar converting.

Gary Emans did manage a try in the fightback.

And so it was for most of the match with Falkirk getting forward and Whitecraigs countering.

Perhaps Falkirk were the more determined, or maybe it was the home ground advantage, but it was Falkirk who ran off with the prize on the day.

It ended, for Whitecraigs, when Graham Gillilands picked up a yellow card and Ryan Moffat converted the penalty.

The final score was Falkirk 25, Whitecraigs 18 — a closely-fought encounter.