Losing not an option as Lisa takes on world

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The world championships were no walkover for powerlifter Lisa Tobias.

With only one week’s rest from training after a record­breaking European championship, the mum­-of-­two — who runs nine pizza franchises — knew she’d have to pull everthing she had out of the bag to bring home the world champion medal from Moldova last week in the Drug Free Powerlifting World Championships.

“I was utterly exhausted. Completely drained”, said Lisa, after the event. “It had been a long day after all the travelling. I had three chances at each lift. The squat and the deadlift earlier in the day got me the results I wanted.

“When I went for the first lift, I was completely drained,” said Lisa. “I just knew I couldn’t get it up. I knew I wouldn’t win or break the record. I had to give it every last ounce of energy I had. It was slipping away from me.”

Lisa found the energy to lift 122.5kilos, winning the combined world championship with a total 262.5kilos and a world record to boot.

Lisa said: “I’m so pleased.”