Going indoors

Indoor hockey can be fast and furious, and full of goals.

But it takes a special sort of player to master this form of the game, and clearly there’s a shortage of indoor specialists amongst the hockey crowd on the southside of Glasgow.

The men of PSL Team Sports Clydesdale, for example, are heading for the second division next year, after losing both their matches at the Bell’s Sports Centre in Perth last 

They ceded their first game to outdoor champions Glynhill Hotel Kelburne 6-4 before facing relegation rivals Western Wildcats in the last match of the day.

The Wildcats ran out 8-5 winners, and this crucial victory makes it almost certain that Clydesdale will be one of the two teams in the eight-team league to drop to the lower level next winter.

It’s not much better for Milne Craig Clydesdale Western in the women’s indoor league.

Leaders Dundee Wanderers inflicted a 4-2 defeat to the Glasgow southsiders, who went on to win their second game 4-0, against bottom-of-the-table Granite City Wanderers.

That allowed the Titwood-based team to maintain fourth place in the table, with all chance of silverware consigned to experience.