Two more re-sign for QP

ALTHOUGH the 2011-2012 season has just gone, no one at Queen’s Park is letting the grass grow under their feet.

Preparations are already under way for the upcoming season.

Paul Gallacher and Sean Burns have become the latest players to re-sign for the Spiders and their decision to stick with the club brings the total players committed to the club t 13.

Sadly, though, some players have decided to seek pastures new with Michael Daly and David Murray leaving, while Martin McBride has found a new job in London.

Likewise, Steven Bailie and Gavin Lachlan are also moving on.

This leaves QP with Neil Parry, Richard Sinclair, James Brough, Peter Bradley, Paul Gallacher, David Anderson, Giuseppe Capuano, Ian Watt, Tony Quinn, Jamie Longworth, Owen Ronald, Craig Smith and Sean Burns.