David is still in the game

WILLIAMWOOD old boy David Weatherston was almost going back to his studies (writes David Oliver) when he found himself out of football this summer.

However a move to Falkirk and the option to stay in full-time employment in the game arrived in the nick of time for the ex-Busby and Queen’s Park striker who’d been seeking a club since his deal at Queen of the South expired.

“I was a day away from joining Brechin and going part-time. It the chance to go full-time that made the decision for me,” he told Extrasport.

“I was meant to phone Brechin and Arbroath on the Tuesday night and I found out about this potential move to Falkirk on the same day, so it was close.

“I have a degree from Strathclyde University so maybe I would go and do more studying with that, or get a job with it - I don’t know, but the decision to stay in full-time football was important.

“I am only 24 and don’t want to go part-time. Full-time isn’t as much money as there once was but full-time football is where you’ll improve.

“I just want to score goals”.