Dale cash boost

Clydesdale's hockey players have been celebrating confirmation of a major funding boost.

Their new shirt sponsors' input has been doubled by a 5,000 Sportsmatch award that also covers the club's cricket activities.

Prosperity Financial Solutions, independent financial advisers based in Dumbarton Road, have been shirt sponsors for the club's cricketers for a couple of years.

Senior partner Bill McCracken then agreed to extend his support for the Titwood club by adding further financial help for the hockey section, which boasts more than 100 senior players and 400 youngsters.

The three-year sponsorship has been paid in full upfront, to equip the fast-growing hockey section with sophisticated training aids in furtherance of their bid for honours in national competitions.

At the same time, the sponsor's annual support for Clydesdale's cricketers has earned a final instalment of Sportsmatch after three years in which the club's junior section has been making efforts to encourage more females to take up cricket.

A club spokesman said: "The west district girls' and women's cricket group is growing rapidly, and they have just been admitted to play in the Western Union's competitions.

"With so many female hockey youngsters at Clydesdale, we believe we are in a very good position to form a girls' team of our own".