Clow on her way back

Victoria Clow
Victoria Clow

JUST one year after breaking her back, Giffnock’s Victoria Clow is on the comeback trail.

The 2010 Commonwealth games finalist suffered the injury at last year’s Scottish Championships and made a winning return on Saturday after 18 months on the sidelines, with two first and second place finishes.

However, Miss Clow admits she will need to improve to medal standard in front of her home crowd in two years.

The former Craigholme pupil told ExtraSport: “It went okay, although the pain in my back was frustrating though. It was awful.

“I am my harshest critic, but I am quite happy with how it went on some of the pieces.

“But I need to work on my confidence on the floor. My moves are all okay, but because I have not been in a competition situation in over a year I found it quite hard to be able to perform. I also need to work on my strength in my legs and back.

“I will be happy with myself if I can perform all my pieces well with few mistakes.

“I need to get my confidence back up.

“I am hoping for the Commonwealth Games in 2014. Competing in front of the home Scottish crowd will be incredible.

“I competed in the last one and right now I am getting around the same scores as I was then, so I am positive about my chances”.

Clow, who believes her best chance of claiming Glasgow gold will be with the ball, will compete again next month in an attempt to get rid of ring-rust as she attempts to qualify.

“The last Commonwealth Games taught me a lot,” said Clow, who recently returned to her old school to talk to pupils.

“I learned that I need to be prepared for everything.

“It is all a matter of preparation. I have to be more prepared to deal with other competitors. I did not prepare myself for the other competitors that would be there, and how I would need to train with them, alongside them.

“They were all champions and I was intimidated. Next time I won’t be so surprised to be there with them. I think I will think of myself as more equal to them”.

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