Cartha still 
on top

CARTHA Queen’s Park are still top of their league after their tangle with West of Scotland.

The game was played in dry conditions with a cross-field wind which madde things difficult on the field.

West seemed content to concede penalties to keep their line intact.

CQP choose to take scrums instead of kicks and eventually Andi Black sold a dummy to open Cartha’s account.

The conversion was missed and the score moved to 5-4 in the visitors favour.

Cartha added a second try and the score soon moved to 12-3 to Cartha.

Tom Hine then conceded a penalty which was converted to make it 12-6.

West were more active now and soon the score was 13-12 in their favour.

In the second half, Cartha took the lead again to make the score 17-13.

West continued to put the pressure on and were rewarded to make the score 20-17.

Not to be outdone, David Goudie replied with Cartha’s fourth try.

The conversion took Cartha to a 24-20 lead.

Another conversion saw the Cartha squad rush to a 27-20 lead over their hosts.

A further rush saw Cartha leap to a 34-20 lead where they stayed until the end.