Your Views: vote still too close to call

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With the referendum only a day away, The Extra took to the streets and to social media yesterday for a straw poll — and the results failed to reveal a potential swing to either side.

Southsiders revealed there are still a percentage of undecideds relying on last-minute inspiration in the polling booth.

Many on the streets of Shawlands were keeping their cards close to their chest, refusing to be named for fear of “repercussions”.

Still, we asked those willing to spare a minute of their time: what kind of Britain do you hope to wake up to tomorrow?

David Williamson, from Shawlands, said: “I’m voting Yes. There may be hiccups at the start but we need to get on with it. Trident’s a big issue for me.”

Raymond Loughran, also from Shawlands, told The Extra: “I’m a Yesser. The two main issues for me are Trident and welfare. This has been a long time coming.”

Isobel McClymont, from Thornliebank, commented: “I still don’t know. I’m definitely going to vote because the vote was hard fought for but I think it’ll come to me when I see the ballot paper.”

And for Pollok man John Giffin, it’s a firm yes — he added: “We should’ve done it away back. Westminster just takes from us. We also need to protect our National Health Service, too.”

Others shared their thoughts via Twitter, with Darren Wallace (@geordinglasgow) commenting: “No thank you, got a small family and risks are too high!”

Joe McCauley (@jmc254) said: “No thanks from my house” and @gazk20 added: “It’s a double No from our household!”

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