Your view: tough planning decision ahead

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Officals at East Renfrewshire council hold the fate of a new wind farm in thair hands.

The planning application for the Loganswell wind energy project is currently “pending consideration”.

The location of the proposed development has previously been the subject of energy proposals by Lifetime Recycling Village — and that application remains live.

A spokeswoman for the wind farm project said: “The proposals present an opportunity to support and facilitate a real opportunity for change in the wind energy industry.

“The proposal offers a unique and exciting proposal for energy capture which can be demonstrated as being compatible with both the site location.”

This week, we asked locals: do you think East Renfrewshire needs another wind farm?

Ian Fraser (72), from Newton Mearns, told The Extra: “There are far too many in the local area. It’s completely in your face — I think they are both inefficient and unnecessary.”

Raymond Mann (65) said: “How can this country claim to be green but then also rely so heavily on oil? Wind farms are a complete con.”

Newton Mearns man Bruce Ross(47) doesn’t mind wind farms, but added: “There are probably enough already considering the size of Whitelee. It is setting a bad precedent if any more are approved.”

But for 37-year-old Dave McDermid, also from Newton Mearns, “it is a good thing if Scotland hopes to be self-reliant as a country.

“It does impact on the scenery slightly but it’s worth it.”