Your view: to drink or not to drink at matches?

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Scottish government decision makers are set to consider ending the ban on alcohol at football matches.

Alcohol sales were banned at football matches in Scotland after the chaos which followed  1980 Scottish Cup final Old Firm clash.The ban on alcohol does not extend to concerts at football stadia, nor does it impact on American football or rugby matches. 

Local shoppers at The Avenue in Newton Mearns are undecided. 

Mark Russell, a 52-year-old businessman from Newton Mearns thinks alcohol sales at sporting occasions “works in other countries. However, football and alcohol don’t seem to mix in this country. 

“I have my doubts over whether this is the right move. It will be the same thing as always, the minority will ruin the majority’s enjoyment.”

David McGregor (72) is adamant it would be the wrong move. The chartered engineer from Newton Mearns told The Extra: “Too much alcohol creates animosity and exacerbates existing problems. The last thing we need is increased bravado from people who are already trouble makers.”

Callum Burnett, a 49-year-old insurance broker, is in two minds. He said: “People should be able to enjoy a drink while watching football, it is a social event and it would bring some extra income to clubs.

“However, there is an inherent risk involved in terms of violence and I am concerned that would offset the positives, especially when you consider the cost of policing.”

Guy Patterson, a 53-year-old from Thornliebank, thinks allowing alcohol at football is “just asking for trouble”. 

He continued: “The government should do anything it can to stop violence at football. This would only encourage aggressive behaviour.”