Your View: time to shelf the selfie?

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THE WORLD has gone selfie mad over the past few months as everybody from Ellen Degeneres to Alex Salmond has gotten in on the act.

Cancer Research UK received more than £8 million in donations within a week after the #nomakeup selfie explosion went viral and people donated £3 for posting a picture without make up online.

Glasgow Southside MSP Nicola Sturgeon joined the first minister in a snap alongside members of the Scottish youth parliament.

Finance secretary John Swinney, justice secretary Kenny MacAskill, health secretary Alex Neil and Nicola’s mother, Joan, also featured.

The latest selfie craze was sparked by a group shot of famous faces at the Oscars.

This week, we asked southsiders: are you selfie daft or are you sick of the sight of them?

Raghnall Robertson (28) from Netherlee, told The Extra: “They are just a bit of fun. I am no stranger to the odd selfie on occasion, if I am honest — they can be quite funny.”

But for 61-year-old Pam MacLeod, from Newton Mearns, “the whole craze is complete nonsense.

“It is good it has raised money for charity but it is getting ridiculous.”

Katie Murray (23) from Newton Mearns, commented: “I have never done a selfie — I don’t like them. I have been nominated to do one without make up but I have been putting it off.”

However, 18-year-old Andrew Deans, fron Newton Mearns, remains a fan of the selfie. He told The Extra: “I find them amusing and I think the concept is here to stay.

“People can be really creative with them and some are hilarious.”

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