Your View: southsiders see red over demolition

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Controversial plans to demolish Glasgow’s Red Road flats during the Glasgow 2014 opening ceremony will be reconsidered.

Commonwealth Games chairman Lord Smith of Kelvin promised to take opposing views into account, following a petition.

The flats, which have shaped Glasgow’s skyline for five decades and housed many families, could be demolished as part of the Celtic Park-based extravaganza.

More than 10,000 people have signed the petition to stop the final moments of the blocks — built between 1964 and 1969 — being shown live in a 15 second destruction.

Around 900 people are to be evacuated as part of the proposal.

This week, we asked southsiders: should Glasgow’s Red Road flats be demolished as part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony?

David and Olive Reid (both 75, from Clarkston) told The Extra: “It is absolutely appalling. It is insensitive as it will remind many viewers of 9/11. It’s in poor taste — people live there.”

Newton Mearns man Graham McIlwraith (48) said: “It’s a complete joke. I have no idea what will be gained from the demolition. It’s a huge part of the Glasgow skyline.”

And for David Rutherford (64), “it’s both crazy and crass”.

He added: “I don’t mind the flats being demolished but not during an opening ceremony — something with more class is needed.”

Barrhead’s Nadia Randos (16) commented: “I am not interested in the opening ceremony or the Commonwealth Games. What a complete waste of money.

“The demolition is disrespectful.”

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