Your View: southside has money on its mind

A PAIR of west of Scotland MSPs are at odds over potential currency in an independent Scotland.

Conservative Jackson Carlaw said: “Alex Salmond has been clearly told he cannot use the pound.

“Now that his currency plan has hit the buffers, he must tell people what his new plan A is.”

His SNP counterpart defended the call Scotland’s continued use of the pound.

Stewart Maxwell said: “The continued use of the pound by Scotland and the rest of the UK through a formal currency union will be in the best interests of both countries.

“Westminster cannot prevent Scotland from using the pound as it has no power to do so.”

This week, we took to the streets to ask southsiders: if Scotland leaves the union, should it be allowed to keep the pound as its currency?

Newton Mearns man Joe McGuire (56) told The Extra: ““Westminster is trying to intimidate Scottish people. We should have a monetary alliance. We were instrumental in making the pound.”

Joe Shahnavaz (20) commented: “There would be nothing wrong with Scotland entering the euro. We wouldn’t need the pound.”

But Margaret Pound, also from Newton Mearns, worries about leaving the pound behind. The 75-year-old said: “I would worry about the financial ramifications — it would be good for both to keep the pound.”

And 20-year-old Hannah Stewart added: “Scotland wants to have its cake and eat it too. If we leave the union we have to suffer the consequences. Alex Salmond is acting like a child.”

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