Your view: royal baby reactions

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EVERY media outlet across the UK has had one thing on its mind for the last week — the royal baby.

Briefly ousting the weather from the top of the news agenda, Kate and Will’s offspring has been the topic on everybody’s lips — and the media frenzy surrounding the royal birth went into overdrive following the birth on Monday.

Newspapers were running live coverage of the main door to the private Lindo wing where Kate was admitted to give birth.

Websites across the globe, including Le Monde in France and The Age in Australia, put the royal birth on the top of their home pages, with most proclaiming: It’s a boy in headlines.

Meanwhile, in Britain, tabloid The Sun went a bit further, changing the name on its masthead to The Son.

Broadsheet The Guardian took an altogether different tactic, by making it possible for readers to hide content related to the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s child, with a Republican button on its website.

In social media, the announcement that Prince William’s wife Kate had gone into labour sent #RoyalBaby and similar tags trending on Twitter.

But what do southsiders think about all the hype?

Douglas Baxter (81), from Newlands, told The Extra: “I am quite happy to hear a bit of good news in the day. I am very pleased for them and it is quite alright for the new family to have their moment in the sun. All the talk will be over in a few weeks anyway.”

But for Catherine Graham (61), from Shawlands, “the media goes too far when it comes to the royals — so I try my best to avoid it.

“There are plenty of women are giving birth , there is nothing more special about Kate than any of them.”

Marie Doyle, from Eastwood, agreed. The 78-year-old commented: “The hype is complete nonsense. After all, it’s just a baby, so I am not sure what all the fuss is about. I wish them all the best and I hope the baby is healthy but beyond that I don’t feel the need to know anything more.”

And 58-year-old Malcolm Fair, from Shawlands, added: “The Conservatives constantly talk about the deserving poor, what about the underserving rich?

“The BBC agenda alientates viewers and it is about time it was more representative.”