Your view: Pollokshields march causes concern

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THE Scottish Defence League still plan on a protest in Pollokshields, despite widespread opposition.

The far-right group, who had an application to march on July 27 refused by the council, now plan to hold a standing protest.

The date of the protest is time to coincide with the birthday of Kriss Donald, a Pollokshields teen murdered by an Asian gang in 2004.

Peter Robb, a 33-year-old from Shawlands, believes Glasgow city council are being “inconsistent”.

He told The Extra: “If those who take part in orange walks have the right to freedom of speech and expression, why don’t the SDL?

“Both are just as likely to result in violence and turmoil. The council can’t have one rule for one group, and another for everybody else.”

Pollokshaws cleaner Marie King (55) said: “Everybody has the right to march.

”There could be a public safety risk, that is unfortunate, but denying people their rights will only cause more bother.”

Cheryie O’Brien (67), a retired retailer from Shawlands, added: “The Asian community have been an important part of Glasgow for decades.

“This march is just to cause trouble and it is not needed or wanted”.

June Cooper (61) from Deaconsbank, commented: “Everybody has the right to free speech, whether the council likes it or not, that is a democracy. “It is down to the police to control the march effectively”.

On the Extra’s Twitter page, Gary Kilpatrick tweeted: “They are obviously targeting the area. What’s their goal, to cause unrest? Should not be allowed.”