Your View: Mearns moves out on Maiden voyage

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Plans to expand Newton Mearns using green field space at Maidenhill are moving ahead, with East Renfrewshire Council promising 450 new homes by 2025 and 620 more to follow.

The council unveiled the latest plans last week, citing increased housing demand in the desirable Newton Mearns postcode.

ERC is using a Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership approach to tackle flood risk and avoid impact on the environment.

But some argue that Mearns does not have the infrastructure — from schooling and health to roads — to support the Maidenhill Masterplan — a view voiced by Conservative councillor Jim Swift in The Extra.

The Extra took to The Avenue to ask readers: what do you think of plans to expand Newton Mearns over the next 10 years?

Keith Turnbull, who grew up in Mearns, said: “1,000 homes is a lot. What’s the council going to do to cope? The Avenue may soak up more business, which could be good.”

Mrs McKee, from Newton Mearns, commented: “We’ve opposed it, because of flooding and damage to greenbelt — there isn’t much to say because the council are going ahead.”

Ann Gibson, from Newton Mearns, said: “Unless they’re building a village with all the amenities to support it, I have serious concerns. We already suffer from flooding because of the build on Cheviot Drive.”

And for Mark Russell, it seems “a lot of people on a relatively small space, but Newton Mearns has become a large housing estate and people want to be here — it’s aspirational. There are good and bad arguments.”