Your view: cries for late licence grow louder

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SUPPORT for later opening hours for clubs in the southside is gathering steam.

As seen on the front page of last week’s Extra, changes from the licensing board could mean that late night premises across the city will open till 3am, while city centre pubs will open an hour later, till 1am.

Licences will also be easier to obtain in the southside under rthe new proposals, as a result of Shawlands no longer being considered an “over-provision area”.

Malcolm Cunning, chairman of the Glasgow Licensing Board, believes the plan has widespread support.

He said: “We regard 1am opening for city centre bars as a sensible compromise for those who wish to stay out a little later but who do not want to go to a nightclub to do


“We have a structured and coherent basis for further discussion with this draft statement and the input of our stakeholders will help to ensure the board lives up to its responsibilities .”

Dr Evelyn Gillan, chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, said: “We welcome the fact the board recognises the link between the number of alcohol outlets and the level of alcohol-related problems in an area.”

Reader Paul McCandlish said: “I’m not so sure there is demand in the southside anymore for extended licensing. It’s been a diminishing market over the years. There are also, like the westend, large residential areas.

“I would like to hear arguments from all sides on this.”

On Facebook, Giffnock’s Chris McLaughlin called for 24 hour opening, commenting: “ Restricted licensing hours cause many more problems than they solve”, while Angela Murray told The Extra: “It is good for the young ‘uns as they wont need to go into city centre, in turn helping local pubs.”

The Extra took to the streets this week to ask southsiders what they think.

Rossano McCulloch (50), from Giffnock, said: “What is the point in closing early? I think this is a great decision, as long as licencees play the game and act responsibly when a patron is too drunk late in the evening.”

Clarkston’s Matthew Conner (20) commented: “Most young people leave Shawlands at about 11pm and head into town. If clubs were open later then it would encourage people to stay and spend their money in the southside.”

Rachael Telky, also from Clarkston, agreed. The 23-year-old said: “2am is far too early for a nightclub to close, it is unfair on southside nightclubs. I would stay in the southside more often at the weekends if opening hours were later.”

Margaret Mullin (50), shopping with son Hugh (19) has another answer. The Pollokshaws woman commented: “Premises should be open later but they should still stop serving at the same time.”

Hugh added: “That would make it safer for everyone.”