Your View: all good for the Commonwealth?

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Whatever the 2014 Games legacy may deliver for business, tourism, sports development or just plain feelgood factor, the piper has to be paid.

So far, number crunchers are estimating the total cost will add up to a dizzying half a billion pounds, £200m more than the original bid projected back in 2007. The judo budget alone was awarded £2.5m from Sportscotland for the Glasgow Games, 25 per cent over budget projections.

Athletes, too, while funded, had to dig deep in time, money and dedication just to compete.

For judo golden girls Louise and Kimberley Renicks, they say they have spent £25,000 between them for their place on the podium but, they add, it’s all been worth it.This week, we asked southsiders:

And for Pollok’s Irene Findlay, “it was a bit of an expensive PR job for the city but I think it was brilliant.

“The track and field and the swimming were my favourite events to watch.”