Your view: a question of sport

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Cyclist sir Chris Hoy, Britain’s most successful ever Olympian, retired last week.

The six-time Olympic gold medallist and 11-time world champion track cyclist will now focus on his ambassadorial roles including as Glasgow 2018 Bid Champion.

Sir Chris joins Britain’s most successful female rower and Olympic gold medallist Katherine Grainger CBE, silver medal winning swimmer, Michael Jamieson, and Jade Jones, who won Team GB’s first ever tae kwon do Olympic gold medal, as Glasgow 2018 Bid Champions.

British Olympic association chairman Sebastian Coe said: “Chris is an icon and he has earned a revered place among our nation’s greatest sporting heroes.

“His gold medal triumphs this past summer in London are two of the defining moments of the Games, and were a source of pride and inspiration for millions throughout our country.”

But who do southsiders think is Scotland’s greatest ever athlete?

Jonothan Links, a 67-year-old businessman from Giffnock, backs sir Chris.

He told The Extra: “He is responsible for some of the greatest moments in our country’s sporting history. He is a great ambassador and a natural successor to Seb Coe in terms of being as champion of the Olympic movement.

“He is an example for every youngster in the country.”

Student Andrew Cunningham, from Newton Mearns, added: “Chris Hoy’s career has been absolutely unparalled. Nobody will ever achieve what he has again. To be at the top of his sport for so long is incredible.”

But Ross Logan, a 30-year-old yardman from Newlands, looks to tennis for his sporting hero.

He said: “Andy Murray’s reputation continues to grow and he is already in the discussion to be Scotland’s greatest sportsman.

“I think by the end of his career there will be no argument.”

Elizabeth Winter agrees there are two clear-cut contenders.

The Newton Mearns woman said: “As it stands currently, Chris Hoy is our country’s best ever athlete but I think if Murray manages a couple more major wins - especially if it’s Wimbledon - then he will be top.”

Meanwhile, Sandy and Janette Bagnall (both 62 from Giffnock) look to athletics.

Sandy told The Extra: “While Hoy’s achievements are incredible, I think Alan Wells also has to be considered. I can’t see us ever having another gold medal sprinter again.”

Janette added: “Liz McColgan also needs to be considered.”