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I live in a small block of flats in Newton Mearns. At the end of August our phones failed - we were either getting each other’s calls or nothing at all.

BT said we had to get in touch with whoever we paid our bills to - in my case, Talk Talk. My daughter has been in touch with them online five or six times. They said there was a fault on the line and would keep her posted.

Then not a word — no notification that anything major was wrong - but my phone (and others’) was absolutely dead.

Three BT Openreach vans appeared in Shaw Road, then one van, then nothing.

Most of the residents in this block are elderly - I am in my 80s and have a heart condition, and so have a personal alarm which does not work unless you have a working telephone line.

East Renfrewshire Council has temporarily fixed me up with one which doesn’t need a line.

Two weeks ago I got a call from one of the Openreach men to say that my telephone was now OK — that lasted two days, and since
 then, nothing.

Can anyone tell us if and when our telephones will be back and working? We are spending a lot of money on mobiles.

It appears that we can reach the moon and mars but are obviously not capable of fixing phone lines.

Name and address supplied

We asked BT about this situation and they replied:

“There was an issue at the end of August when a car crashed into one of our cabinets, causing considerable damage and affecting service to around 50 customers, some of whom lived at (this address).

However, this damage was repaired in early September. A fault has been raised against the line and an engineer has been tasked to investigate it”.

I am writing regarding my Bercott watch which I lost in the vicinity of Clarkston between September 14 and 16.

It had a gold-coloured case and black italic numbers. The tan leather strap had a broken loop.

I bought the watch 21 years ago when I stopped smoking. Being a pensioner, I would find it difficult to replace because of sentimental value.

Dorothy Walsh, Clarkston

(Anyone with information can contact 637 0390)

You said it...

THE topic garnering reader attention this week is the state of southside roads.

Last week’s front page story received plenty of response from social media, with many complaining that more needed to be done about potholes.

Richard Bovill commented on The Extra’s Facebook page: “It costs me a fortune in new tyres...I have had 14 since the start of 2012.

“Where is our road tax, fuel tax and council tax being spent? If there is an accident due to one of these potholes, surely the person in charge should be held responsible”.

The administrator for community site Clarkston.com added: “We’ve not even had temporary repairs on my street. I am sure I’ve seen stats somewhere about how many, many, many years it would take to bring our local roads up to scratch at the current rate of repair”.

The feeling was mutual on Clarkston.com’s own Facebook page, where a number of followers commented on the Extra story.

Stephen Thacker commented that Glasgow’s roads are “ten times better” than East Renfrewshire’s, while Keith Lloyd Davenport added: “East Ren need to sort out their roads. They are terrible...I don’t mean just filling them with a shovel of tar, resurface them”.

Elsewhere, our story about two kittens rescued after being abandoned in Clarkston was shared across social media sites, and Jane Goodfellow commented: “Great quotes from Lisa (the cat fosterer featured in the story) – taking the opportunity to remind folk that there is really no need to take this kind of drastic action if you can’t look after your animals”.

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