Extra Letters (August 30 edition)

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The reporter said no. the local plan said no. Everyone other than East Renfrewshire council and the Labour/SNP councilors said no. this makes no sense but once again we are treated as fools by a morally bankrupt administration who have made their intentions clear. Option two is on its way. At the next election, remember who voted to distroy the green belt if there is any left by that tim. To watch the diggers at water foot is so sad. Another play park removed to satisfy CALA homes greed.

Harry Stewart

Newton Mearns

My wife and I are strongly opposed to this projected development or to any similar one which would encroach onto Green Belt land.Such land, once lost could never be recovered, and this could be the thin end of a wedge.

Ronal M. Dobson


Many of you will have received (on the 13th August) my Parliamentary Report detailing activities I have been engaged in throughout the past year.

At the start of last week I am delighted to report that the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) reversed its earlier decision and approved Abiraterone for use by NHS Scotland in the treatment of men suffering from prostate cancer. Although Scotland was the last part of the UK to secure approval this is welcome news.

In my leaflet where I quoted from a speech given earlier in the year, I also drew attention to my support for a Scottish Cancer Drugs Fund similar to that operating in England which to date the Scottish government has declined to introduce.

The approval process for new cancer treatments can be prolonged and thousands of individuals suffering from a variety of cancers have benefited from the Cancer Drugs Fund in England. It ensures that sufferers can access the life prolonging drugs they urgently need. I would like to see a similar fund in Scotland.

For prostate cancer sufferers last week’s change of heart by the SMC is welcome news indeed. The campaign for greater support for other cancer sufferers continues.

Jackson Carlaw

West of Scotland MSP

Factually incorrect leaflets relating to the new prostate cancer drug treatment Abiraterone have been printed and distributed this week by Jackson Carlaw MSP at the expense of the tax payer.

Despite it being nearly a week since the drug’s approval by the Scottish Medicines Consortium – and advice offered to him to withdraw the leaflet run – Tory Health spokesman Jackson Carlaw MSP’s misinformation is still being put through letterboxes of homes across the West of Scotland.

It is very disappointing that Jackson Carlaw has chosen to play politics with Abiraterone and falsely claim that the Scottish Government is denying patients this treatment.

He has knowingly allowed his leaflets to be distributed throughout the West of Scotland in the full knowledge that Abiraterone has been accepted for use within the NHS in Scotland.

Scaremongering and the spreading of false information are never acceptable and it is particularly unfortunate that it is being done with an issue that is so important and sensitive to many families in my constituency.

The final insult is that this misinformation has been at the cost of the taxpayer and a letter of complaint has been written to the Scottish Parliament Corporate body making them aware of this situation.

Stewart Maxwell

West of Scotland MSP

You said it...

IN this week’s online poll, we asked readers: will you be heading to any feastRen events this month?

Results suggest few foodies among our online readers, as 75 per cent of respondents replied no, it doesn’t interest me.

Perhaps higher on the agenda was last week’s front page story, which prompted numerous responses on Twitter.

Responding to the story on Twitter group @CleanShields – which has been recording pictures of litter and dumping from across Pollokshields – @mootroot commented: “good job on raising the profile of this issue. Let’s hope it causes some to stop and think before dumping!”

Over on Facebook, Richard Bovill added: “Instead of fighting over it...it should just be moved. Don’t let these type of people bring Glasgow down”.

Another issue receiving the retweet treatment included our story on the future of the Queen’s Park bandstand, while other followers shared their thoughts on the upcoming Great Scottish Run.

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