Youngsters celebrate Fairtrade fortnight

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Netherlee nursery marked Fairtrade events in style last week.

Netherlee pupils took part in a variety of learning experiences including becoming “Fairtrade Detectives”, looking for fairtrade products in their homes and around the local shops with their families joining in.

They collected faitrtrade product packaging and created their very own Fairtrade roleplay shop. Lots of discussions took place on this topic and the children were very much involved in their learning process.

With support and donations from the Muirend branch of Sainsbury’s the children were invited along to their store to take part in a fairtrade logo hunt.

Their donations, along with those from parents helped the children create Fairtrade goodie bags and raffle prizes which they sold on their Fairtrade stall. They raised a fantastic amount totalling over £300.

A spokeswoman for the nursery said: “These funds will be put to good use to further develop fairtrade and global citizenship within the nursery and in the next few weeks our children will be choosing a variety of ethical gifts to purchase from Oxfam.

“Not only did the children raise money they also helped raise awareness of fairtrade and the steps we can take to make the world a fairer place for all.”