Young cub piggy-backs event for food charity

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A Clarkston family held a veritable foodfest for charity last Friday, bringing in hundreds of pounds in cash and more for two separate charities.

While mum Carolyn Kane was busy preparing to open her home up to around 50 people for a coffee morning to raise cash for Macmillan Cancer Research, son Torin had the idea of piggy-backing mum’s event for another charity.

“He said it was such a shame that we had all this food but other people didn’t have any,” said Carolyn.

She added: “Then he asked if he could write a letter to my coffee morning guests and post it on Facebook as well, asking people to bring along non-perishable provisions for the Barrhead foodbank.”

The proud mum, while delighted at her son’s benevolent disposition, wasn’t taking all the credit for raising such a caring young boy.

She said it was an excellent example of ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’, adding: “Torin’s eight years old and he goes to Carolside Primary. He also is a cub scout — so he’s really benefitting from social and learning environments at home and away from home.

“Torin’s very involved at his school and in our community. He’s on the school pupil council, is a cub at Clarkston 121st Scout Group and a keen footballer at Carolside Sports Club.”

Carolyn — whose coffee morning raised £300 for Macmillan — told the Extra: “Torin was truly amazed at the generosity and support in response to his letter, which he illustrated himself with drawings of tins and jars of food.

“He even came up with his own motto. In the letter, he asked for food donations in order to ‘Help Us to Help Others’.

“He collected more than 120 items which will hopefully make a difference to people who are struggling to put food on the table.”

Foodbanks offer three days of food supplies free to families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Torin, pictured with his food stash, will be presenting his collection to Barrhead food bank tomorrow (Friday).