Yes from Glasgow and No Thanks from East Ren

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Social media buffs from around the world were on the edge of their seats last Thursday as the results from Scotland’s independence referendum rolled in.

The Extra was online @ExtraSouthside throughout the night and engaging with people from the north east of England, Italy, Dubai and even the United States — all glued to their TVs and Twitter feeds.

In Glasgow, the answer to the question:

Scotland’s largest local authority saw a 75 per cent turnout, and a total of 194,779 (53%) votes for Yes against 169,347 for No.

Still, the nationwide results showed a 55/45% split, resulting in a clear No vote.

Paul Leinster, of Yes Cathcart, told The Extra: “We are obviously disappointed, but delighted that Glasgow voted decisively in favour of independence.

“Cathcart was the only constituency in Glasgow to achieve a turnout of over 80% and we won comfortably.”

He added: “A No vote is not the end. The energy of the Yes campaign cannot be suppressed and we’re sure that energy can be channelled into creating a fairer, more equal society wherever we can.”

In East Renfrewshire, the answer was a clear No Thanks.

With one of the highest turnouts recorded across the country (90.5%), 63.2% residents opted for No.

Councillor Ian McAlpine, of Better Together Eastwood, said: “What a fantastic Scotland — once again one of the best in Scotland.

“It was a fantastic vote for No. Thanks to all who helped with this result locally, and throughout Scotland.”

On The Extra’s Facebook page, reactions remained mixed.

Craig Lynn commented: “Scotland has demonstrated to the world that we have no empathy for the less well-off. I’m disgusted.”

Ruth Moir said: “Thank goodness — our economy, our children’s future and the future of funding for learning disabilities etc. is secure.”

Elizabeth Jeffrey added: “The conversation has been started — let’s make the most of it.”