Wrong way street

LEAFLETS warning people over the safety of the A727 road out of Busby are to be distributed following incidents of motorists driving on the wrong side of the road.

John Seenan, of Newton Mearns South, Busby, Clarkston and Eaglesham area forum, has been campaigning to both East Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire councils for two years, urging each authority to take action for their stretch of the road.

According to John, vehicles travelling between the Busby boundary and Peel roundabout are easily confused by signage and chevron markings, leading some to drive on the wrong side of the dual carriageway.

John told The Extra: “The number of people you meet here who have come across it is utterly astonishing, and proof that it isn’t just a passing incident, and should be taken very seriously”.

East Renfrewshire police are aware of the matter, and state that although there have been few accidents, the area has been known to confuse motorists.

Chief inspector Campbell Crawford, area commander for East Ren, told The Extra: “It’s not an accident black spot, but the road layout can confuse people and this can lead to them driving on the wrong side of the road.

“The stretch of road in question is under the care of South Lanarkshire council, and the information has been passed on to them”.

With the help of East Renfrewshire councillor Stewart Miller, the area forum and local community councils have approached South Lanarkshire council, and a spokesman confirmed this week that the authority plans to take action.

He commented: “We are aware of driver concerns, and although accident records do not indicate a particular problem, the existing road markings are starting to fade and would benefit from being renewed.

“To give drivers a further visual reminder of lane use, additional straight on arrow road markings will be provided on the Busby-bound lane. This marking will be provided at two locations to mirror those on the eastbound carriageway.

“To complement the new arrow markings a sign replicating the lane arrows will also be provided at a point on the exit from the roundabout.

“The signage is now in place but the refreshing of road markings is weather dependant and best undertaken when the road is dry and free from salt. Given the current weather we will endeavour to complete the works as soon as possible”.

Campaigner John will distribute his own leaflets in the coming weeks, and he added: “The main thing is to get the message across to as many people as possible – to be aware that as they’re driving out of Busby, there may be someone coming over the brow of the hill on their side of the road.
“Anticipating it could happen and keeping to the inside lane might avoid a potential collision”.