Writing more to reach you

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TRAVIS frontman Fran Healy sang Why Does It Always Rain On Me? — and a generation of Scots took those all-too-familiar lyrics to heart.

The Glasgow foursome were beloved — not just here, but across the UK — and 1999 album The Man Who (their second) provided music to while away the rainy days (whether it was the heavier subjects you were after, or just a catchy chorus).

The Man Who provided four singles you’re bound to remember; Writing to Reach You, Driftwood and Turn (as well as that anthem which rather aptly describes the Glasgow weather).

They may have come in for stick over repetitive lyrics, and they may never have returned to the dizzying heights of that album — but let’s face it, the boys seem to have staying power.

And there can be no further proof of that than the fact that they’re on their seventh album — an 11-track LP written and recorded across London, Norway, New York and Berlin (so it’s safe to say that Travis have been busy).

Where You Stand was released on August 19 of last year via the band’s own label, Red Telephone Box, and the single of the same name was released before it, followed by Moving in July.

It’s the first effort from the band in five years, and they’re back on tour to show it off...and let us know that no matter how old they get, all they want to do is rock...

Expect bouncing crowds and plenty of singalongs from this gig — because the older material is bound to get an airing, whether it’s U16 Girls or Selfish Jean that has you bopping along.

Travis play the Barrowlands on Saturday (January 18) — doors at 7pm. Tickets are £27.75 from www.ticketmaster.co.uk or 552 4601.