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BEN Montague’s rise to fame has had a number of false dawns.

His debut single – Haunted – was all over radio, however, with no label, no album and no money, nobody could buy it.

He said: “It was strange going in to shops, sitting in pubs, and hearing my songs, seeing people’s reactions to them, but knowing no one could buy them.

“Amazing things were happening for me, but I was still skint, still searching for a deal, still having to take requests at nightclubs to sing Stay With Me or Wonderwall.

“ In every sense, I was unprepared – there was no strategy, no tour, no one to step in and tell me what to do.”
Ben even returned to his day job, fearing a career in music was nothing but a pipe dream.

He added: “I’m not sure what hurt more, having to go back to work at the bar, or contacting people I’d taught to say I was available to teach again, or the fact my friends and family were so confused I was not a successful artist”. 
However, Ben persevered and gave music one more shot and his new album - Tales Of Flying And Falling - is an album that does justice to Ben’s soulful vocals and emotional songwriting, recorded at Rockfield with producer Dave Eringa. 
Growing up in Kent, he spent time in rock bands while at university and some of his first paid gigs were acoustic sets at Duty Free in Heathrow and Gatwick Airport.

He tried his hand at writing songs - the winner of Singapore Idol had a hit with one of his tracks, something the singer reckons he got £4 in royalties for – but Ben always wanted to write for himself.

Eventually while touring he was spotted by agent and it has been a steady rise ever since.

He began this year on his first arena tour, supporting The Wanted.

The singer added: “Now I’m glad I didn’t get that album out two years ago.

““I wouldn’t have been happy with it. These are the best songs I have ever written, recorded as well as they could be.”
Ben Montague plays King Tuts tomorrow at 8.30pm with support from Josh Record, Kerri Watt and Dougie Crosbie.

Tickets are £8, available from http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk.