Wonderful Wonderland

TAKE an extraordinary adventure into the depths of imagination and discover a whole new world through a camera lens at the Theatre Royal.

Alice is the latest offering from Scottish Ballet and is having its world premier in Glasgow on Tuesday.

Artistic director Ashley Page takes scenarios and characters from Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass to create a magical new life through a lens.

Page explained: “It felt important to attempt to do more than merely re-tell Carroll’s tales in dance form. There is so much history attached to the stories and their creator.

“We felt to delve into these magical books without making some kind of commentary on this fascinating man would be almost to miss the point.

“We have placed Dodgson (Carroll) centre stage, alongside Alice herself, sharing the spotlight with his most famous creation”.

Alice meets a series of fantastical characters who each impatiently try to teach her something and, guided by Carroll himself, she has to rely on her wits to find her way out.

Otherworldly stage designs produced by Antony McDonald have created a world of delightfully curious characters including an eccentric Humpty Dumpty, a busking, trumpet playing Mock Turtle and a Cheshire Cat with showbiz style to match her enormous grin.

Kara McLaughlin (32) from Ayrshire is playing the role of the cook and Tweedle Dum.

She told Live: “It is more than dancing – it is a feast for the eyes with lots of different scenes telling lots of different stories”.

Alice is on at the Theatre Royal from Tuesday until Saturday.

Showings are from 7.30pm with matinees at 2pm.

For tickets (from £9.50) call 0844 871 7647.