Women being denied pension

WASPI groups angered at government failures
WASPI groups angered at government failures

Nearly 4,000 women born in the 1950s and living in the Southside are being denied their pension after research showed Tory figures on pension inequality are wrong.

Current pension rules have resulted in 2.6 million women in the UK, including 3,900 in Glasgow South, receiving their pension years later than was originally expected.

Stewart McDonald, MP for Glasgow South, said: “The UK Government needs to face up to the reality, as this issue has affected thousands of women in my own constituency and millions across the whole UK. The Tories have ducked their responsibility to the WASPI women for too long.”

Kirsten Oswald MP commented: “The Tory Government is happy to spend 20 times as much on obsolete weapons of mass destruction as it would cost to fix this problem of their own creation, which is causing such misery to so many women.

“I urge them to do the right thing now and ensure that these 1950s born women no longer have to suffer due to the UK Government’s abject failure.”