Winter weather warning to drivers

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WITH bad weather showing no signs of stopping this winter, car drivers are at greater risk than ever.

 East Renfrewshire politicians have urged residents to be careful as winter takes a grip on Scotland with high winds and torrential rain.

Many forecasters have also predicted colder spells later in the season.

 East Renfrewshire MP Jim Murphy told The Extra: “The weather in the last few weeks has been unpredictable to say the least.

“East Renfrewshire has a number of rural roads as well as urban ones, and it is important that residents take care if they are driving in wet or freezing conditions.”

Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh added: “Weather can have an adverse effect on public transport as well as roads. First Bus and ScotRail websites provide up to date information for anyone travelling. Hopefully, the impact of weather this winter will be slight but it’s better to be safe and stay up to date.”

A crew of 30 road workers driving 12 grit lorries are set to keep East Renfrewshire moving this winter, while the‘winter watch’ team will be helped out by workers from the parks and cleansing squad to spread salt on footways.

A 24/7 pre-gritting winter maintenance service is in operation in both Glasgow and East Renfrewshire till March.

An AA spokesman has offered his advice to Extra readers for driving in winter weather.

He said: “On snow and ice just do everything very slowly because it can go wrong very quickly. Take a warm coat, gloves and hat in case the weather or the car catches you out. If you do get stuck, you’ll be very pleased you packed high energy foods such as chocolate, crisps, nuts, cereal bars, water and a hot drink too.

“Keep plenty of fuel in the tank — at least half full — as you never know when you will be stuck in traffic or have to make a detour to reach your destination.

“Also remember tyres need plenty of tread to clear water, and snow. The legal limit is 1.6mm, but at this time of year it is better to consider fitting winter tyres.”