Window to the Past: W.T. Gray: Dentists

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Photograph of W,T,Gray Dentists on the Main Street, Barrhead, showing Mr 
William Thomson Gray and Elizabeth MacDonald, circa 1910. W.T. Gray Dentists was formerly the Queens Arms Hotel. 

Nowadays we speak of false teeth, but, in the early part of the last century, they were more ostentatious in their description as they called them artificial teeth. And when we gurn about long hours in our present day world, we should pay attention to pictures like these which clearly show dentists, well this one anyway, worked 11 hours from 10am until 9pm — but this would be in keeping with the working hours of others. Oh, and by the way, having a tooth pulled cost a tanner.

Window to the Past is courtesy of East Renfrewshire Heritage Service.