Window to the Past: The West, 1965

editorial image

Assembling the new span of the railway bridge at Pollokshaws West was done over a few weeks alongside the line on a platform on a transverse railed track while the line continued in use.

Slots were cut through the embankment and new abutments of stone built up. 
Then, over a weekend line closure , the embankment between them was bulldozed away and the new span rolled into position .
Here, the finishing work is still going on under the new bridge beyond the striped pole. Part of the scaffolding is visible with some of it still to be removed. 
Before this time the dip in the road here used to flood occasionally, and the writer remembers a couple of days of monsoon conditions in the early 1960s when it was completely blocked. 
Note on the left the sergeant and two constables in conference at the blue ‘Tardis’ police box and the red GPO public telephone box.

Image courtesy of Pollokshaws Heritage Group, holding weekly meetings on Mondays at 1pm in the parish hall — all welcome along.