Window to the Past: Pollok Academy 1932

editorial image

The cart with one horse leading and three others attached behind is plodding along the narrow section of road.

It is heading for Eastwood Parish Church Hall at ‘The West’ to collect children for the Sunday school trip.

They are slowing up a tram and a small lorry at lower left which just got into the print, and are following slowly along to where the road widens beyond Afton Terrace before they can get past.

The author Robert Watson, who was born in Pollokshaws in the 1870s, used the town as the setting under the pseudonym Piershaw in his novel Stronger Than His Sea published c1904.

He also produced an unpublished booklet in 1932 entitled The Native Returns, in which this photo appears. It’s a very poignant 16 pages describing a return to his birthplace accompanied by his young daughter Shiela

Image courtesy of Pollokshaws Heritage Group, holding weekly meetings on Mondays at 1pm in the parish hall — all welcome along.