Window to the Past: Jubilee building

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This view of the jubilee building reveals that Thomas E Smith painter and decorator occupied the Jubilee Restaurant premises at this time. Harriet Street begins where the red post box is seen on the left.

There’s something else visible here of particular interest.

The EWS sign just visible painted in large letters low down on the wall where the boy is passing, originally in yellow with a black border, dates from WWII.

It was one of many seen virtually everywhere in built up areas of towns and cities, the last of which had faded by late 1980s.

At the height of the blitz, when incendiary bombs were being dropped there were fears that the mains water supply would be insufficient to cope with many fires.

Bomb damage in some cases meant that sometimes no water was available. Where necessary large containers were built on vacant ground at strategic locations and filled with water so that an emergency supply (EWS) would be available.

Image courtesy of Pollokshaws Heritage Group, holding weekly meetings on Mondays at 1pm in the parish hall — all welcome along.