Window to the Past: Harriet Street, 1950s

editorial image

Wellmeadow Road is behind the tram going to Crosstobs beyond Barrhead. The number 14 service may have been the one that in the 1930s was briefly the longest tram route in Britain.

Running between Renfrew Ferry and Milngavie via the Paisley, Barrhead, Thornliebank and the city centre it covered 22 miles. It was a novel arrangement probably set up to gain the ‘longest’ title, but operating difficulties and the war looming up meant it didn’t last long.

A favourite grandparent took the writer of these notes on it for the full distance, the round trip taking four hours for a fare of tuppence ha’penny (1p) each way.

Note that the city-bound track ran close to the pavement at the shop here so that no vehicles could park for long.

The tram driver is the writer’s father in-law Tommy Berney.