Williamwood graduation video goes viral

Forget yearbooks or signature-scribbled shirts — Williamwood High School’s class of 2015 has taken final year memories all the way to YouTube.

The school’s sixth years have found fame on the net, thanks to a video montage of pupils and staff miming along to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars hit Uptown Funk.

The video was shown at the school’s graduation ceremony last week — and with stellar performances from its young stars, careers on the stage may not be far off.

Willie Inglis, head teacher at Williamwood High, said: “Filmed in one day, we put together this music video as a unique way to mark the class f 2015’s last week at Williamwood and celebrate their graduation.

“It makes a great souvenir and the feedback has been brilliant.”

The video was highlighted on The Extra’s Facebook page by follower Mike Brierton, who commented: “Created by the kids and music teachers, it already has 40,000 hits on YouTube.

“Check it out, you’ll be amazed — just put in Williamwood Uptown Funk, sit back and be entertained.”