What’s the future for Govanhill Baths?

Govanhill Baths
Govanhill Baths

The iconic and well-loved Govanhill Baths, the scene of much strife and anger after being closed by the council is the subject of an open panel discussion forum.

Govanhill Baths Community Trust will be inviting guests into the ‘Big Pool’ of the empty building to take part in an interactive discussion with some of Scotland’s leading activists and campaigners tonight between 5.30-7pm as part of the Southside Fringe Festival.

With funding secured and plans well underway to reopen as a swimming and wellbeing centre in 2018, Govanhill Baths now stands at the beginning of a new era in its existence.

After 15 years of campaigning, the Govanhill community will get its beloved baths house open again, but what has changed since then? And what are the challenges facing community-run assets? How can the baths be protected to ensure it never closes again?

The panel will be chaired by poet Jim Monaghan, and will consist of Lesley Riddoch; Aamer Anwar; Nicola Fisher; and Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey.

Aamer Anwar said: “The community of Govanhill led a tremendous occupation and campaign to keep the baths open. There were always those who thought that this resource wasn’t viable but the people of Govanhill proved the powers that be wrong time and time again. I was there at the Govanhill Pool riot when police moved in to evict protestors and acted for many of those arrested who tried to defend their community, so all these years later it is inspirational to see that very same community try to rebuild what the local council had once wanted to tear down. This campaign has always for me symbolised the very best of the Glasgow spirit.

“With around a year before refurbishment the trust are asking people to join them to discuss the future of this iconic Glasgow building.”