What’s new for 2012?

Eva Copeland
Eva Copeland

WITH just a few days left of the festivities, it’s almost time to start afresh for 2012.

On Sunday morning, southsiders will wake up with a whole new batch of personal goals, projects and attempt to break long-lasting habits.

Some will be gone by the 12th day of Christmas but others, they hope, could be here for the long haul.

The Extra took to the streets to discover what big change local people will be making in 2012, or if they even think they are worth doing at all.

Tom McPhail (77) from Newton Mearns says he is “happy just the way things are. I’ll be changing nothing, I am just glad to be alive and I want it to stay that way”.

Peter Johnson and Emilio Linden (both 18) are both set to step up the job hunt by applying for the army.

Peter, who currently works in Macdonalds, said: “It’s been hard because there are just no other jobs out there”, while unemployed Emilio added: “Times are very tough and that looks like the best option to get into work”.

Ellen Murray from Neilston “doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions”.

The 64-year-old told The Extra: “I never have done them and I don’t think I ever will. I don’t smoke and I never drink too much so the usual ones don’t apply to me”.

John Wilson, a 78-year-old from Shawlands, is going to stop eating chocolate. He said: “I don’t really want to but it’s my wife who does the shopping and that’s her resolution so I don’t have much choice in the matter”.

Elaine Phillips, a midwife from Clarkston, thinks they are a “nice idea”. She added: “But people rarely keep them. If people want to make a change they will, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is”.

Eva Copeland a 57-year-old from Thornliebank said: “I have decided I am going to stop smoking. I need to stick with it and see it through as I have been smoking since I was 12 years old. That’s 45 years and it is not good for me”.

Thomas Waugh, a 74-year-old shopping in Shawlands, added: “I live alone so it’s easy for me to make changes whenI need to. I don’t need the clock to strike 12 on Hogmanay for me to sort something in my life out”.

Elaine Love (45) told The Extra: “In 2012 it’s going to be all about me — I have spent too long worrying and giving everything to other people”.