What’s in the mix?

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EAST Renfrewshire council has denied allegations that they are in cahoots with lifetime recycling village.

Harry Stewart of the Loganswell residents’ association believes there are “too many coincidences emerging about ERC’s relationship with LRV”.

Last week, The Extra revealed the council’s plans to purchase the old Nestle factory in Barrhead, which some local councillors and campaigners have speculated may be a potential site for LRV’s Barrhead wing of their operation.

While ERC has also changed its plans to link Barrhead’s road network to the rest of East Renfrewshire favouring a link from junction five, rather than junction four, and thus connecting the two possible LRV locations.

Doubts have also been raised about plans to build 600 affordable housing units on Maidenhill — a greenbelt site — rather than Greenlaw, where previous housing plans fell through, despite necessary infrastructure being put in place such as an overflow car park at Patterton train station.

These houses, Mr Stewart suggests, would provide a convenient nearby destination for waste heat from the proposed Loganswell site and thus negate SEPA’s biggest objection to LRV’s proposals from their scoping report last year.

Opposition leader Jim Swift added: “The council seems to be making big investments with little justification.

“The plans for the road network and the possible purchase of the Nestle factory will both be very costly, and only make sense if future plans are in place to sell the land”.

A council spokesman said: “There are absolutely no plans whatsoever for the former Nestle site, if purchased, to be used to support the talked about recycling facility.”

Meanwhile, Conservative councillor Gordon McCaskill has described plans to create a motorway link to Barrhead as “bonkers”.

He said: “The only reason to build a new road would be to facilitate the transport of heavy good vehicles.

“There are indeed far too many coincidences, but the council and the government have financial problems and this may be one way to make a lot of money”.

However, councillor Alan Lafferty believes people are “jumping to a lot of conclusions”.

“The Nestle factory site is surrounded by ERC land and would provide a zone for business development. It seems like a lot of money but will prove to be a bargain acquisition.

“People only need to look at other sites in Barrhead to see that when the council doesn’t interfere, they can lay derelict for 20 years.

“As for plans for our roads network, plans for junction four fell through because of transport Scotland.

“These new plans means the road can connect to Barrhead without cutting through the Dams to Darnley country park.

“We need to link the two sides of the authority”.